Two Turtle Doves

Okay, there are no turtle doves in this file. Just me, and a serpent.

The version I sing isn’t exactly what’s on that ancient manuscript; but it is good fun. Resonet in Laudibus by artsyhonker

Resonet in laudibus
Cum jucundis plausibus
Sion cum fidelibus
Apparuit quem genuit Maria!

Christus natus hodie
Ex Maria Virgine
Sine virili semine:
Apparuit quem genuit Maria!

Pueri, concinite,
Nato Regi, psallite,
Voce pia dicite:
Apparuit quem genuit Maria!

Sion, lauda Dominum,
Salvatorem hominum,
Purgatorem criminum:
Apparuit quem genuit Maria!

Deo laus et gloria,
Virtus et victoria,
Perpete memoria:
Apparuit quem genuit Maria!

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  1. Lovely performance from you AND Charlie, first I've heard of him! Thank you, watching you create is giving me inspiration to do so.


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